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Reimagine your loan customer journey

Reimagine your loan customer journey

In the digital era the battle to acquire loan customers is more challenging than ever before. To stay competitive, you need to manage compliance requirements and to meet ever-increasing demands in relation to efficiency and self-service. The more diverse range of lenders, product options and touchpoints available as well as rising customer expectations can make it difficult to attract customers.

What can we do for your business?

Imagine a simple, transparent and fully automated lending solution that saves you time and resources while delivering a superior service to your customers. Does this sound like utopia? It needn’t. Thanks to our holistic approach, we can provide well-proven solutions that address the unique challenges of your business, from accelerating processes and reducing manual work through to streamlining and enriching the customer experience.

A full range of services covering the entire lending value chain

In order to support the efficient and automated handling of loans and credit, we offer a portfolio of business services that cover the entire loan life cycle, from loan origination and administration through to meeting the particular needs of the retail, commercial and corporate markets.

Deep domain expertise close to you

We are proud to be regarded as a trusted advisor to small local banks, community banks, fintechs, financial services companies and large banks across the Nordics and Europe in the lending area. With more than 40 years' experience, we use our expertise and knowledge to add significant value to our customers’ businesses and to deliver best-practice solutions as standard. We understand the services you require and how to streamline processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

Flexible delivery models

Our lending solutions can be delivered as private cloud SaaS solutions or as on-premise solutions. The choice is yours. As we offer an optimal mix of componentisation granularity and API based integration, you can deploy and upgrade your solutions selectively and progressively. This reduces risk and shortens your time to market.

Focus on your customers and let us take care of compliance and maintenance

We take care of upgrades, maintenance, platform compliance, servers and storage as well as all other areas that can detract from your day job so you can spend your time building great customer relationships instead.

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Ready when you are. We’re here for you…

...with a whole team of experts at your disposal. Drop us a note below, and one of our lending experts will be in touch with you to talk about how we can create awesome things together.