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The Energy Sector
New digital solutions light up the industry

The Energy Sector

Global economic growth is driving the need for more electricity. At the same time, strict requirements for lower emissions are becoming the norm. In an increasingly electrified society, the energy sector has a heavy responsibility to transform itself and become smart and connected. That is why we are developing systems that will help you digitalise and rationalise your business.

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The markets of today and tomorrow

In the coming years international trade is expected to grow dramatically (by at least four times between now and 2050!). Economies like China and India are expected to grow by up to ten times their current levels. This will mean a rise in living standards, which in turn will lead to increased energy consumption.

Industries like oil, gas and energy will require your IT tools to be stable and user-friendly and to have a broad range of features, and collaboration between geographies and disciplines will be decisive. EVRY offers you a full range of services that are tailored to the markets of today and tomorrow. Our long experience makes us well placed to help you choose the right solutions to rationalise and digitalise both your businesses and your value chains.

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