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Data alone does not decide whether you are successful or not in unlocking its value.

It is how you use that data that is important. And how you get it to play together with other external data.

Familiar with the API by Facebook which allows other companies to use their sign-in function for users to log into their own applications?

This is just one example on how to benefit from others’ data and innovations - and save the costs of developing it yourself.

APIs can provide the need for frictionless access to other companies, preferably in a larger ecosystem, by enabling companies to access and leverage data and services from other organizations.

With our new EVRY API Exchange, third-parties will be given access to our large existing pool of customers and platforms, as well as having a place to share their APIs in a secure and safe manner.

Want to know more about how to keep up with the market trends and start innovate more? Please download our hot from the oven-whitepaper on API Exchange - Creating the Nordic Marketplace.

Download our whitepaper