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Unlock the value of data

Quality data can be very valuable, but only if used right. Join us in creating a Nordic marketplace for APIs!

By sharing your data, you allow others to use them in solutions that can benefit you both.

Through open APIs one can leverage other companies’ data and capabilities and combine these with your own. This can reduce costs, increase competitiveness and enhance innovation.

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But what exactly are APIs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is essentially a gateway that enables an application to talk to other applications and defines how that conversation takes place. It can also be described as a way of moving and adding value to data.

Think about how you have been able to put filters on your camera phone’s pictures with an app. The creators of that app didn’t program in it how the camera represents or takes images. Instead they used an API that allowed them to access the pre-existing framework in your phone’s software.

As more and more organizations have opened their APIs, marketplace platforms have emerged as a way to collect and find these.

Benefit from each other

Our API Exchange will be an open platform for both producers and developers of APIs.

Third-parties will have the benefit of accessing our large existing pool of customers and platforms, as well as having a place to share their APIs in a secure and safe manner.

Developers can easily find APIs to build upon, and in that way publish their applications on the marketplace as either fully fledged services, or as part of a building block in value creation.

Industries can find help for new thinking with this through third-party applications.

This way, an organization can innovate without having to use too much of their own resources. You can also create your own applications using data from us, or build on top of already existing applications.

Want to know more about how to keep up with the market trends and start innovate more? Please download our hot from the oven-whitepaper on API Exchange - Creating the Nordic Marketplace.

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