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Eirik Norman Hansen

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How will digitalisation affect our industries - and the world at large - both now and in the future?

The world is changing at a tremendous speed, and technology is a major reason for that change. We are expecting things to be seamless and friction free, and solutions should be integrated and easy to use. We are all experiencing new and fantastic solutions everyday, and this is also affecting the way we expect everything else to be as well. How is this development shaping people, organisations and society? Good isn't good enough, we need to be user-obsessed to survive.

About Eirik:

Eirik Norman Hansen is advisor and founder of Eirik Norman AS, helping companies grow and adapt to the digital world. Eirik has more than 20 years’ experience as a manager, advisor and business developer. He has worked within digitisation and change management throughout his entire career. In 2018, Eirik was named Speaker of the Year in Norway. We are proud to have him with us at Nordic Fraud Conference, sharing his knowledge and expertise with us.

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