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Modernise your business:

Move your entire Office to the cloud.

SMART Productivity

At EVRY we turn cloud services into actual solutions to make sure you can fully focus on growing your business without being distracted by dealing with IT.

Not only do we take care of deployment, set-up, configuration and installation we also ensure every employee will get the most out of your IT and cloud solutions with our user adoptin program.
It’s time time to let the cloud work for you.

Work smarter and modernise your business with EVRY, your local cloud partner!

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All the office tools you know

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, they’re all there, including Microsoft’s newest apps like OneNote, Delve and social network Yammer for even better collaboration.


Collaborate in realtime

Realtime collaboration allows people to work and collaborate on the same document, increasing efficiency and productivity.


Business Class Email

Your email, calendar and contacts are always in sync with business class email and Outlook, across all your devices.


Work on any device

With apps for any device, from smartphone to desktop, the Office tools are always available.


Work anywhere, at any time

Become more flexible as employees can work anywhere they are, at any time, and even have access to all their files offline.


Never out of date

Office Online is always up to date and IT admins have easy control over where and when updates are installed on laptops, desktops and other devices.

Subscription based, no upfront investments, pay per use

Unlike traditional Office solutions, SMART solutions are subscription based, without any upfront fees. Users can be added and removed at any time.


Meet our other SMART solutions

SMART Communications

Start communicating even smarter using all of the Skype for Business capabilities. - Online conferencing within seconds - Share your screen, documents or whiteboard - One application for chat, audio and video


The smartest way to use Microsoft SharePoint, one centralized place for all your work files. - Easy file management - One platform, all your files - Work even better together

SMART Client 10

Cloud based management of Windows 10 for every PC or laptop in your organisation. - Become independent of local computer and server rooms - Full remote user and identity management - The latest protection and security

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Run, Modernise, Innovate.

Migration & Deployment

We take care of your IT by migrating all relevant existing data to SMART Productivity, as well as making sure everyone can continue working.

Training for every employee

To get the most out of SMART, we offer training and education for all employees, helping them to become more effective and productive.

A proven solution

Everything we learn while servicing customers is used to make our solutions even SMARTER, ensuring a smooth rollout and delivery.

24/7 local support

Have a question or a problem? We have 24/7 phone, email and local support standing by to tackle any question or issue you have.


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