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Mobile Management

Mobile Management is what transforms your mobile device into an effective and secure business tool.

With Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), you can manage apps, content, devices, users and enforce enterprise security policies, all from one place. Our solutions should form the foundation of your mobile strategy.

We deliver EMM as a managed service, defining service level agreements so that IT departments and management teams know exactly what to expect.

Our large team of experts also focuses on research and development. This keeps your business ahead of developments in mobility, without the costs and resources needed to build and maintain this specialised knowledge internally.

Products and services

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
With MDM, you can secure and manage all mobile devices across multiple operating systems.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)
Give end users an intuitive way to access, annotate, and share documents from email, SharePoint and other content management systems.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)
Help IT manage entire app life cycles – from making them available on your company’s app storefront, to separating them from personal apps, and later retiring them.

Application Management
To protect your App investment, keep your App up-to-date and make sure it remains relevant to both your market and your users, four levels of Application Management Services are offered:

  • Signing and deploy
  • Test and document
  • Analyse and secure
  • Maintain and enhance