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Mobile Logistics

We reduce the stress and unexpected costs caused by investing in mobility. From buying a new handset or tablet, setting it up through to training your people to realise its full potential, our smart solutions support you throughout.

With EVRY Mobile Logistics, the organisation can benefit from:

  • Better cost control and flexible financing
  • A higher level of service with agreed SLAs
  • More efficient ways of working
  • Mobility as a service

Products & services

Device procurement
We can centralise procurement for all your mobile devices to help you invest more wisely, and connect your teams locally and globally.

We provide any accessory you need to optimise your device and experience its full benefits.

Web shop
Our existing customers can order new devices, accessories and subscriptions online.

Mobile contracts that work for everybody in an organisation.

To avoid wasted time or stress, devices from EVRY arrive set up and ready to use.

Our experts train new users to become experts themselves or provide custom guidelines.

Swap pool
To make sure users can always access a working device, they can get a replacement from the swap pool.

User support
We are there to offer advice and fix problems for your mobile workforce.

End-of-life recycling
When your devices reach the end of their lives, we can provide certification of securely deleting all content and then help you realise the best final value.

We resolve 95% of all help desk calls with our first line support by mobility experts. The remaining 5% of cases are escalated to second line and resolved there, with a very small amount of cases needing 3rd line support.

As well as providing just one bill across your whole mobility service, we can also help you spread project costs. Flexible financing helps you absorb higher development and implementation costs across the lifetime of the project roll out.