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Digitising and management of paper-based information

PeMore and more companies are choosing to digitalise all their paper documents, including incoming invoices, of course. With Eye-share we offer a total solution for processing both paper and electronic incoming invoices.

Eye-share, an EVRY company, is among the market leaders in digitalising paper documents and electronic work flow. Eye-share offers solutions that make paper-based information accessible electronically, making it easily possible to digitalise, categorise, archive, search and retrieve documents.

Eye-share’s main product is eye-share Invoice for electronic processing of incoming invoices. It includes scanning, interpretation, work flow and integration with most financial and procurement systems:

  • Digitalising paper documents
  • Simple document search and retrieval
  • Easy distribution to individuals or groups
  • Electronic circulation within the company
  • Automated routines and follow-up
  • Validation of rules and data and use of templates
  • Verification of approval authority
  • Can be integrated with ERP systems and other applications
  • Seamless integration with existing technology
  • User access control
  • Solutions for accrual, provisions, reporting, dispersal and more!

What is the advantage? 
After having used eye-share for awhile, many of our customers have given us very positive feedback. Here are some keywords of what customers find the solution has given them:

  • Lower costs
  • Greater efficiency
  • Fewer instances of late payment interest
  • Early payment discounts
  • Full oversight and control
  • Quicker approval of invoices
  • Greater efficiency and well-being
  • Improving internal controls
  • Lower auditing costs.

Eye-share now has more than 500 domestic and international customers for its invoice processing solution. You can read more about our enthusiastic customers at or contact Torill Aase ( / tel 480 19 780) for more information.

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