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Network security

Are you capable of detecting an attempted intrusion in your data network and in your systems? Do you know the kind of attacks you are vulnerable to? Can you document that you are in control of security?

Business requirements bring about developments in society and in technology in the form of new ways of working.  In this regard a range of IT systems and tools are acquired which support the company's work processes.

Consolidation and improved efficiency lead to the growth of information systems and these being increasingly linked together and connected to the Internet. In addition the use of social networks is growing rapidly.  This development brings with it security-related challenges in the form of a range of vulnerabilities with potential financial, operational or reputational consequences. The hidden statistics survey, carried out each year by N√¶ringslivets Sikkerhetsr√•d, shows that security is failing in many companies.

Network Intrusion Detection (NID) is a service from EVRY that provides active monitoring of your data network for unauthorized traffic with related notification and reporting.

The aim of the NID service is to :

  • detect attempts to breach the data network
  • detect web attacks
  • detect internal breaches of the established security rules
  • detect malicious software
  • detect denial of service attacks
  • detect other unauthorized or damaging traffic
  • enable actions to be able to stop damage

We give you information about what is happening in your data network. You will receive warnings and reports of unauthorized traffic and data in your environment. This is carried out with the help of sensors positioned in your network which send information to our operational centre. You don't need to think about the type of technology that is most effective in this area as EVRY will take care of it. We make sure that you know what is going on and that you can take the necessary action.  This means that you take control of data traffic.

EVRY has extensive experience in the use of NID as a service. We make use of it for a number of companies, while also using the same service to protect our own network. As the leading IT provider in the Nordic region we have access to the best expertise and the best technology in this field.

In order to be able to supply the best possible service for your company we require a dialogue with you as the customer to adapt the service to your reality.

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