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Identity Access Management (IAM)

Many companies face challenges ensuring that all employees can work effectively wherever they are. Employees also face an increasing number of new tasks and new areas of responsibility that mean that they need different access.

But perhaps the most important of all is to block access to those who leave the company. In addition companies face increased demands to provide access to customers as much as to business partners. How will your company handle such problems?

When a person is recruited or hired in on contract to the company access must be defined in the respective IT systems based on the tasks and responsibility the person in question has. And he or she must have access to work both from home and while travelling. In addition there are changes that occur when this person is given new roles and not least when the person in question leaves the company. Managing this is accordance with the applicable rules and requirements is a process which costs both time and money. In practice it is difficult to do this manually. Rights and access are often copied from others and seldom deleted.  Over time identity and access definitions become over-complicated and they represent a security risk   for the company.

EVRY's experiences have shown that the introduction of IAM solutions reduces both the cost and processing time for user administration. Such a solution is also an important part of the company's management system for information security.

EVRY offers an IAM service which:

  • ensures the effective and correct handling of the company's different user roles and access
  • makes it easy to document that you have full control of access management as the authorities, customers and partners expect you to have
  • ensures the automated and rule-managed control of users and rights
  • enables self-service for access in line with defined rules
  • minimizes the risk of breaking laws and rules and prevents the misuse of data
  • is cost-effective and gives good ROI
  • has a simple user interface

EVRY's IAM system obtains user data from the personnel system and defines user accounts and rights in the different databases depending on the user's role in the company. Access rights are allocated in electronic workflows which ensures that rights are processed by authorized personnel and comply with the rules and procedures the company has defined. The system contains a complete history of the access rights a user has been allocated, who gave authorization and for which period the rights existed.

The IAM service from EVRY is supplied as a finished service whereby customers can connect to the solution without having to choose hardware or software. The solution is fully operated by EVRY.  Traditionally IAM solutions have been the preserve of large companies due to the cost of such solutions.  With our private and secure cloud service both private and public enterprises with as few as 100 employees can reap the rewards of a fully-fledged IAM system.

You can obtain the solution for an attractive price yet be safe in the knowledge that security is taken care of by Norway's foremost supplier of secure IT services.

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