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EVRY is one of the biggest Norwegian suppliers of ICT Hardware and software to both private and public sectors. One can differentiate between three types of delivery: Strategic procurement, the management of client platforms and on-going ad-hoc procurement of support products.

Strategic procurement

The term strategic procurement means project procurement of central components for ICT Infrastructure, including servers, storage, networks, videoconferencing, security, computer rooms and communication. EVRY has extensive experience with such deliveries. Strategic partners/manufacturers in our portfolio include Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, Symantec, VMware, Lenovo and more. This is supported by partner certification to assure our customers of competitive terms and solid competence for the respective manufacturer/products.

Management of client platforms

Management of client platforms comprises the delivery of all equipment related to "clients", including tablet computers, PCs (portable, desktop, thin clients), accessories (docking stations, monitors, I/O units etc.) and printer/multifunction units/scanners. We also provide complete services related to the management of the client range, from simple marking/tanking to full outsourcing (rental/leasing, buffer warehouse, local depot, etc.).

Ad-hoc procurement of support products

Ad-hoc procurement includes the on-going procurement of PCs, printers, peripherals (cables, docking stations, headsets etc.), networks, servers/storage, videoconferencing and components/accessories for these, as well as software packages and volume licences. We have efficient electronic commerce solutions for the purchase of these products. Our solutions have advanced functionality; including order authorization (person ordering/authorizing) and limiting the product range to approved models

Electronic commerce

EVRY has a separate web solution where our customers can log on and gain access either to our complete product range, or to agreed sections. As our customer you can view details over previous purchases, track orders and manage favourite and standard products. You can also create individual users with order/authorize functionality. See more at

EVRY is also a supplier via for public procurement and supplies both catalogue and punch out/round trip solutions

The Lifecycle services concept

The Lifecycle services concept is part of our efforts to meet the increasingly strict environmental demands of society and customers. EVRY can undertake the management of the entire lifecycle of all ICT related equipment, including the secure disposal of PCs, deletion of data disks, tanking/marking of client equipment etc. 

Big in the Nordic region, strong locally

By choosing EVRY you get a single business partner for the provision of all ICT related equipment, instead of dealing with many different suppliers. This simplifies communication, reduces the risk of incorrect orders and provides administrative savings.

EVRY is one of the foremost players in the supply of ICT related equipment to the corporate market in Norway and the Nordic region. We have a large combined sales volume as a retailer, supplier of operating services and through our own procurement. This gives us a privileged position to obtain the best terms for our customers.

EVRY delivers the same products and related services all over the country, while at the same time having products, solutions and expertise tailiored to local requirements. Thus, our regional offices are often a Centre of Excellence for solutions adapted to the local market.

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