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Delivering value in a digital world

Infrastructure services are the backbone of the systems that support businesses, and the foundation for new and innovative digital solutions that drive businesses forward. Because of this, the market for infrastructure outsourcing services will remain critically important as businesses prepare their infrastructure for the new digital age. End-users should expect to be able to access services 24/7 across a wide range of channels and devices.

EVRY`s ambition is to support customers with more technological innovation allowing profitable growth and optimising the relationships they have with their customers. At the same time, EVRY wishes to reduce complexity and increase the use of industry standard components in customers’ infrastructure, since this will allow them to have a more competitive and agile approach to changing market conditions.

In this challenging environment, EVRY wants to be a preferred and reliable partner who understands the customers` market, their culture and business model as well as the technological context in which they operate. In EVRY`s experience, medium and large enterprises, financial institutions and public sector organisations are particularly well served by a local champion like EVRY. The new customer-oriented offering announced today will give EVRY a strong position in the infrastructure service market in the Nordics, and its ambition will be to grow in selected market segments.

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