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Digital transformation and Industry 4.0:

New technology for accenerated competitive strength

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EVRY Digital Services: Helping customers thrive on digital disruption

As one of the leading digital knowledge companies in the Nordics, EVRY helps enterprises meet today’s digital challenges. Possessing the insight, expertise and concepts needed, EVRY assists our customers in completing their digital change journeys and ensures that their transformation provides them with the greatest possible value.

We call this strategy Creating Digital Advantage for Tomorrow’s Leaders. The EVRY Digital Services offering comprises consulting services and solutions that help our clients complete their digital transformation journey within a broad range of competencies. Below are the main service categories:


Technology & Design
The EVRY Digital Services tech and design offering includes emerging specialities such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Robotics & Automation, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and more. Our competent team of designers cover the whole user experience field as well as graphic design and 3D animation.

Innovation & Concepts
A key component of the EVRY Digital Services offering is co-creative workshops with our customers, emphasizing people-centric innovation and using design thinking to create and test new concepts and solutions.

The EVRY Digitilisation offering focuses on processes, efficiency, and collaboration, both internally and through designing new customer experiences. Typical services include IT Strategy, process analysis, and a broad range of technology and solutions offerings. EVRY is in a unique position to being combine user experience and interaction design with our digital native and technology heritage – ensuring feasibility and easing implementation for our customers.

Digital Transformation
New digital opportunities enable innovation and the creation of whole new business models. EVRY offer transformational services such as Innovations & Concept workshops, change management, and strategic consulting.

Digital transformation and innovation is a team sport, so EVRY strives to always put together great teams that combine analysts, strategists, designers and technologists

Strategic Design Lab
The EVRY Strategic Design Lab is a separate business area, focusing on developing business strategies using strategic design as a tool. Learn more about the EVRY Strategic Design Lab here


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