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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated product that consists of multiple applications - which all have the common aim of helping organisations to take care of their knowledge capital. 

Microsoft SharePoint's strong feature is that it consists of a range of different components that each has its own function, while also being able to function as a whole. To take an example, you can use Microsoft Sharepoint to save contract documents and to use role definitions to decide who or which roles can view the contracts.

In order to find the correct information within the contract, you can use Microsoft SharePoint's search function and functions for saving metadata (data about data) to describe the content of each document. Each individual part has its worth but, taken as a whole, they make up a powerful integrated product.

Knowledge capital can be defined as the information possessed by individuals in an organisation. Such knowledge is difficult to handle, and even more difficult to spread throughout an organisation. It is, for example, fairly easy to save and find information about stock levels of a specific article in the business system. But it is more difficult to find who in an organisation that knows something about, e.g. growth markets in China. In order to be able to achieve this, you must work actively on giving a structure to, and digitizing, such information in order to make it searchable (for example in an internal CV database).

Microsoft SharePoint combines Internet technology with traditional client-server technology to be able to handle information from a number of perspectives:

  • To search for and find business-critical information within an organisation.
  • Handle online content by controlling rights for who can access documents and information.
  • Ease collaboration through social networks.
  • Make a platform for being able to create customer-specific system applications, e.g. e-commerce.

As a close and trusted Microsoft partner, we have a significant range of services around SharePoint and we supply cost-efficient solutions that support our customers' business. We can contribute with project management, implementation, development, integration, testing, training, administration and operations. Our highly appreciated consultants ensure that you will gain the maximum benefit from your investment!

Tasks we are helping our current customers with include:

  • Portals (Intranet, Extranet)
  • Collaboration (Document management, Project management, Contract management, Quality systems, Business management systems, bookings systems etc.)
  • Business processes (Task management, Workflow management etc.)
  • Decision support (Financial reporting and analysis support)

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