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Web Content Management

Web Content Management controls your content and your business in all digital market channels. The strong increase in the volumes of information and services on offer create a need for overview, recycling and traceability. Web Content Management contributes to correct information and the right offer reaching the right target group - adapted to the users' needs. These are often in the form of a technologically advanced system that makes it easy and smooth to maintain and publish information.

Why invest in content management?

Web Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that takes care of both structured and unstructured information in an efficient and easy way throughout its life cycle. There are a host of benefits: It makes it, for example, easy to search and retrieve the information you need, there is no old information in the system and you avoid doubling up information. Other effects are strong environmental control, improved document management, improved cooperation between internal processes, standardisation of processes and reduced complexity.

The tools provide excellent support for designing content and services so that they provide a good user experience in different digital channels, such as web, e-mails, mobile phones and self-service machines.   

This saves a lot of time. By having support for content management, you simplify many parts of a company's processes and avoid duplication of work. For example, efficient content management can link together the processes involved in production of product catalogues, e-commerce solutions and other marketing, enabling existing resources to stretch further.

Not everything needs to be structured. In our experience, the combination of structured and unstructured information creates the most added value within an organisation, and is a path for overview and understanding of new events.

Our offer

We use several different platforms as the basis of our solutions. These are market-leading platforms, such as EpiServer, SharePoint, DynaMaster and customised applications in well-tested technologies, such as .NET, Java and DotNetNuke.

(In Norway it is SharePoint, SMART website, EpiServer and Verical Site)

Our strengths

EVRY has a holistic viewpoint and focuses on efficient work with Content Management. Amongst other things, we have deep knowledge of business intelligence, and integration of CMS with other business systems.

EVRY is used to working with companies that are geographically dispersed, both within Sweden and internationally. Our presence in more than 50 locations means that we can work in close proximity to our clients.

All of our services and expertise within this area are included in the business area DIGITAL BUSINESS, and several of Scandinavia's largest digital business financial systems have been developed and delivered by EVRY.

This is what we can help you with:

  • Web Content Management
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Records Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Digital Asset Management

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