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Quality assurance

Quality assurance tend to focus on the project management. We are not satisfied at that. We go one step further and also consider factors such as leadership and communication.

Of course, the project will meet its delivery, but also create opportunities to achieve the outcome targets.

Examples of how we help you improve the quality of projects:

Utility Valuation before, during and after the project. Clarify and quantify the impact objectives.Benefits Realisation. Converts project delivery to the targeted outcome targets.
Quality assurance in the project. Prevent potential problems by an independent quality assurance plans, calculations, organization, control group and methodology before the project begins.

Risk analysis.

Too many begins and ends with a Mini Risk management matrix. It is a good start for identification, but far from enough to prioritize and plan the right actions. In our toolkit for the management of uncertainty and risk are more advanced techniques that can help you ensure the quality of your project.

Project review.

A project review from us covering all project dimensions - we review both hard and soft factors and presents a clear proposal for action. We can also assist you with project support and mentoring during the period of implementation.

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