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Project delivery

EVRY have continuous supplies to businesses and government agencies. These deliveries are organized as projects, led by experienced project managers and implemented using proven methodology and quality systems.

To ensure that projects deliver what is agreed in the contract, it is essential that they are staffed with the right expertise. Project Delivery Division has a special focus on ensuring that especially the large and risky projects are led by experienced project managers who know the organization and has deep insight into our methodology and quality of such deliveries.

Project Methodology

Our methodology for project management is founded on process groups defined in the PMBOK Guide, published by PMI (Project Management Institute). This is a proven methodology based on best practice in projects carried out in the world in every industry. We have supplemented the method with five control gates to reduce the risk even further in our projects.

Quality Methodology

The projects carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in EN ISO 9001:2008.
The project establishment phase creates a project-specific quality plan is in accordance with our requirements and our internal quality manual.

Control and management

Project Manager (PL) is responsible for defining, organizing, measure / monitor and improve project delivery and processes. Facilitation involves linking responsibility, authority, training needs, routines, standards, methods and tools to the process.
PL is responsible for the detailed plans from each sub-project manager coordinated to achieve the best possible flow of execution.

The project manager will follow up the project via formal meetings, communication with customer and daily dialogue with employees.


The focus is on detecting risks in the projects, as well as describe and implement measures to reduce the effect these have on the project. This is an ongoing process throughout the life of the project.

Transfer of knowledge

For a project to be perceived as successful, the project manager ensure that the result is delivered to the customer (the line) in such a way that they can manage and utilize the deliverables in a good way. This is partly because the line involved at an early stage in the project phase and have the training necessary to be able to take charge at the end of the project.

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