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Project and Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) gives you optimum business benefits while ensuring that investments support strategic long-term goals.

PPM is based on established, embedded control models that ensures an optimal prioritisation of investments and improves the company's decision data. The tool is adaptable to the individual organisation. Investment decisions are based on correct use of resources, risk profiles, strategic guidelines and financial frameworks, for example. In addition, EVRY has developed product support for planning, follow-up and monitoring returns.

It has been our experience that efficiency and data quality increase through the use of best practice project execution, and management and resource management. This supports effective portfolio management by improving the decision-making basis. 

EVRY combines general, experience-based consulting with product support implementation. One of our choices has been a partnership with CA PPM, a market-leading tool from CA Technologies. CA PPM has topped Gartner’s magic quadrant for years. The combination of long PPM consulting experience and a best practice approach to CA PPM implementation give us a unique position in the Nordic market.

The public sector has a steadily increasing focus on this area, and we have a number of solid client references from within the sector. In addition, our clients are large Norwegian and Nordic actors in telecom and banking/finance, among others. The service is available in Norway and throughout the Nordic market.
PPM systems provide oversight, control and foresight, and build bridges between the business side and IT.

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