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EVRY can provide software and consulting to help you professionalize the innovation process, increase innovation ability, and realize innovations that deliver significant advantages for public sector.

Our specialists in innovation, IT strategy, consulting and change management assist the healthcare sector, the local government sector and state bodies with innovation-related issues.

EVRY is a preferred implementation partner of Induct Software, which offers innovation communities developed for the public sector in Scandinavia. EVRY was also named by Innovation Norway as Norway’s most innovative organisation in 2014.

EVRY delivers innovation services adapted to customers’ ambitions and current situations:

  • What advantages can we expect to gain from innovation, and what will it cost?
    The possible targets and benefits that can be achieved through innovation as a tool will be defined, with a plan and a budget produced for the implementation phase in the customer’s organisation.
  • How can we professionalize the innovation process in our organisation?
    We take the best practice for innovation in public organisations as our starting point, and reproduce the success factors whilst steering away from classic mistakes, and ultimately develop and incorporate a complete innovation system into your organisation.
  • How do internet-based innovation solutions connect people and increase their cooperation and innovation capacity?
    The internet-based innovation communities we deliver are customised – to capture problems and ideas, as well as to evaluate, develop, test, implement and measure the benefits that the realized innovations deliver.
  • How are concrete challenges resolved using innovation as a tool?
    We work to understand and define your challenges and requirements, and we develop and test ideas and investigate possible solutions. We then implement the solutions that are the best in practice, and measure the benefits they deliver.

What is innovation?
Innovation is a question of doing something that is new, useful and successful, and can relate to, though not exclusively, services, partnerships, collaboration meetings, processes, management systems, products, technologies, branding and user experience.

  • New: Challenges the status quo, and established practice ideally must either be changed or replaced.
  • Useful: A question of the ‘new’ being perceived as valuable by those it affects.
  • Successful: Includes benefits and new results being achieved in practice.

Making innovation successful requires the ability to balance the creativity involved in coming up with something ‘new’ with the energy required to develop and bring about innovations that are ‘useful’ and ‘successful’ in practice.

Why does the public sector need innovation?
Higher productivity requirements combined with the increasing needs of citizens and new administrative tasks mean that the public sector must provide an increased range of higher-quality welfare services to more people for less money. This means that new and smarter ways of managing our communal resources are essential if we are going to maintain the level of welfare we currently have and deliver good welfare services in the future.

About Induct Software Innovation Management Communities
Induct Software offers internet-based innovation communities where problems and ideas can meet with the knowledge and experience required in order for the sort of valuable solutions to be created that can really be put into practice. Innovation communities are delivered as Software as a Service, can be used across all platforms and can be adapted to help customers realise their innovation ambitions.

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