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Datacenter Efficiency

With Data Center Efficiency services from EVRY, together we can build a sustainable, robust and flexible infrastructure for your business.

With the tight budgets and tough competition out there, today is not too early to prepare for tomorrow's business activities. High availability, flexibility and cost-control place huge demands on infrastructure and administration.

Service content

We can help you plan, develop and optimise an infrastructure platform for your business. We do this based on our technical expertise and understanding of the value of IT as a component of the business process. By implementing technologies for automation, virtualisation, dynamics, flexibility and control, we create the basis for stable and cost-efficient operations and resource allocation.

Customer needs

Companies today face demanding options, where the IT department is challenged in a variety of areas. The requirements of business include cost-efficiency, stability, flexibility and proactiveness. Environmental sustainability is also increasingly higher up on the agenda of business today. Our solutions are in this way built to meet the requirements of not only today, but the future too.

Quality and competence

EVRY sees the big picture as regards the role of IT and infrastructure, while at the same time seeing that effective, dynamic solutions tend to be quite complex. This means new requirements and work methods for operating and administering these types of solutions. EVRY works systematically and purposefully to ensure that the delivery is whole, accurate and complete.

Full range provider

EVRY as a full range provider has the ability and possibility to supply customised services and complete deliveries. EVRY has years of experience from infrastructure projects of all sizes, big and small. With its talented and certified technical consultants and project managers you are in the best hands in the market. Additionally, EVRY can run the services once they have been implemented, either at our own data centre or by assisting with operations at the customer's premises.

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