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Business collaboration

Business Collaboration facilitates collaboration. Collaboration creates enthusiasm and inspiration. In turn, enthusiasm and inspiration bring about higher productivity.

Solutions in Business Collaboration cover a broad area, which include elements such as real-time messaging, electronic meetings, telephony with answering services, email and calendar. These services can be implemented as a complete package or as elements in stages.

Business Collaboration covers the range of both established and new communication methods. This means that the business can easily satisfy different customer needs. Combined with collaboration solutions like portals, Business Collaboration provides added value in the form of availability information.

The following advantages can be achieved by the business with the help of Business Collaboration:

  • Efficient and simplified collaboration by using the right tools for the right type of communication
  • Multimedia and interactive collaboration by combining voice, text and video
  • More traceable communication as a result of central placement
  • Employees use less time on finding each other by using skills search and show availability functionality
  • Increased and improved knowledge-sharing by making information accessible
  • Reduced travel costs and CO2 emissions
  • Control over telephony costs

Business Collaboration is delivered as a customer-installed solution based on best practice – both as tailored and netcentric services. Using the right combination of products and solutions will result in reduced costs and increased productivity.

EVRY has delivered Business Collaboration solutions for a number of years, to both SMEs and large-scale customers. Experience has given us the knowledge necessary to understand the needs of the individual business.

We are happy to assist with assessing which solution is right for your business, and showing you what Business Collaboration can do for you and your employees. Contact us for an appointment.

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