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Digital business

Building digital strategies that really work for your markets. Digital business is all about increasing the value of your business by integrating your business goals with your customers' needs.

Our experienced consultants can help you with their expert knowledge, resource reinforcement and holistic commitment through pre-studies, development projects and administration. Totally adapted for your needs.

For example: 

  • Digital strategies that link together your different channels into a single functioning whole and that ensure that your business goals are represented in your digital interface.
  • E-commerce services to increase your on-line sales
  • Brand-building websites for local or global markets
  • Mobile solutions that make your website or e-commerce accessible to your customers, wherever they are
  • Apps that add value and benefits to, for example, salespeople in the field, and therefore add value for your customers
  • Collaboration solutions that mean that your business customers can communicate with your company through an extranet, that employees can collaborate via a social network, or quite simply a presence in social media, such as groups around a specific area
  • Services within Product Content Management to ensure that your content has the highest possible quality, independently of whether the products are found in your e-commerce platform or a printed catalogue
  • Handling of digital media (Digital Asset Management) that manages all images, audio files, video files, etc. in a single location
  • Electronic ID (Bank ID – My ID) and digital signatures for a complete digital value chain, from ordering to contract signature and payment services.

This is what we can help you with:

Management - We manage the pre-studies, project and administration commitments within our service area.

Business development - We contribute expertise on how you can strengthen your business using digital channels. This may be using ideas and concepts relevant to your business, strategies that show the way forward and analyses that inform the actual status. We work with a outside and in concept that means that we have the end customer in our focus in everything we do. The result is a successful, profitable and quantifiable investment on-line.

Business potential analyses - we help you to identify new business opportunities, based on your current and potential customer base. Together with your staff, we can then develop ideas into completed concepts and help you produce documentation to allow you to decide how you want to continue.

Optimisation - with expert skills within web analysis and optimisation, we know how your website can become more efficient. Which message do you want to communicate, to whom is it meant to reach and when you should communicate it? It is all about being as relevant as possible to the customer.

Concept development, interaction & design - we develop concepts that illustrate how the potential system should be formed to best support your business goals. At the same time, we ensure that everything is organisaed so that the anticipated effects gets realised for the users. We also deliver visual design in the form of imagery, colours and design that work together with the overall graphic profile.

Technology - EVRY possesses deep knowledge of the latest technology, independent of whether it is .Net, java or open sources, on how to create or develop a technical platform that supports your business best.

Test & Quality - We ensure that your solution maintains the highest quality, both functionally and technologically, so that your visitors always get a maximum experience, whether your website has 20 million hits a day, 15,000 transactions per second or 140,000 orders per day.

About us

We are around 300 consultants who focus on digital business in the Nordic region, 200 of whom are in Sweden. We have long experience in use of digital channels to strengthen brands and business. We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Huskvarna, Växjö and Värnamo and often have Sweden, and sometimes the whole world, as our workplace.


We work strategically at linking various partners to us, so that we can be an even stronger supplier. We currently have the following partners within digital business:

Sweden's strongest supplier of Web Content Management – Premium Solution Partners.

A German platform  for multi-channel solutions that focuses on e-commerce, Product Content Management and Print, which has the greatest growth in Europe at the present time.

inRiver PIM
A Swedish platform that makes the process of product data processing  and multi-channel publication more efficient and simpler.  InRiver PM has enjoyed great success over the past few years, and its client list consists of both Nordic and international clients.

Microsoft is where we have, among other things, leading edge skills in eCommerce server and integration with on-line stores, SharePoint and ERP systems.

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