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Management consulting

Companies today are facing great challenges as a result of an uncertain financial climate, frequent regulatory changes and great technical advances that create different competition and partnership possibilities.

EVRY Consulting has been helping Norwegian and international companies with strategic use of IT for over 25 years.

Companies want greater insight into their own organisation, more innovation and strategic deployment of available resources. Our ever-changing environment means there is a need to establish flexible and adaptable organisations that can quickly switch focus between growth and cost reductions.

At the same time, the threats and possibilities of globalisation are increasingly relevant for our clients, as both services and products have greatly increasing IT components, and more value chains can be disrupted. Central in all of this is that IT can be used to obtain definite improvements and advantages, provided that it is applied in a way that supports the company’s core activity.

Our starting point is the client’s overall strategy, which we analyse and at times challenge the direction of. We help our clients develop strategic action plans in most of their functional areas. Over many years we have built up significant sector competence in central and local government, health care, energy and banking and insurance. Along with a wealth of methodology and deep technological insight, our consultants will help clients get the most out of their technological investments.

EVRY’s services are unique as we are one of the Nordic Region’s largest IT service providers. In other words, we not only have theoretical experience with how to obtain business advantages with IT solutions, but also first-hand knowledge derived from being an important actor, using our own services.

Our management consulting services:

  • Unit strategies in sales, products, customer service and case management
  • Process improvement and cost reduction
  • Cloud and IT strategy
  • IT governance
  • IT mergers and acquisitions
  • IT management for hire

EVRY has consultants who are used to guiding companies through the analysis and implementation phases, and can take responsibility for both running the process and supporting the client’s own staff. We have helped such clients as the Tax Administration, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service, Hydro, Statoil, Total and the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.

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