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Change management

Realising the full potential of your IT investment. Change management realises returns on IT investments.

A new IT system in itself rarely confers any benefit before being imlemented in the organisation. Therefore, change management is the key to realising the potential of your company’s IT investments. EVRY helps companies with efficient and proper use of new or altered systems by adapting work processes and motivating employees for change.

Many companies find that they do not obtain the expected results from their new solutions. The symptoms may be many: The operating organisation refuses to run the solution; processing time is greatly increased; or people simply do not embrace the new solution. The developers or those who prepared the specifications/needs analysis are often blamed, whereas the cause is usually to be found in inadequate implementation and management of the change process.

It’s about the people

When new system solutions are implemented, technology tends to be predominant. One forgets that employees must also acquire new knowledge and change their way of working in order for the benefits to be realised. There are often many reasons for the lack of focus on people and processes in IT projects:

  • Technology is the reason for the change, and therefore gets the most attention
  • Human processes are time and resource consuming
  • Resistance to change can be difficult to deal with

Four steps to sustainable change

We work with a four-step process whereby our consultants along with the client aim to:

  • Create a common understanding in the organisation of how the system implementation will affect work processes, organisation, skill requirements and roles
  • Pave the way for change by developing plans for benefit realisation and implementation, and establishing a team to drive the change process
  • Implement necessary change measures such as altered work processes, reorganisation and changes in skills and training measures
  • Ensure sustainable change by evaluating results and developing best practice.

Focus on the fundamentals and training

Our consultants possess broad skills and backgrounds in organisational theory, pedagogy, economics and technology, to ensure a broad scope in the client’s projects. We place special emphasis on:

  • Involving management and staff in the entire change process and making them responsible for it
  • Preparing the organisation by informing and training management and staff so they can master the new management and work methods
  • Ensuring that experience with IT solutions is distributed in the organisation such that “learning loops” are created

EVRY has change managers who are used to supporting organisations through foundational activities and often take the role of process drivers. They thus have practical experience that will be of benefit to the client. We have assisted several large clients – including Statoil and the Norwegian Tax Administration, Labour and Welfare Administration, and Pension Fund – with change processes over many years. We possess a well-developed tool box with methodologies and technical notes for change managers to use on the job.

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