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World-leading data centre

EVRY and DigiPlex have developed and built the largest data centre in Norway. The first customers are being migrated this spring to a world-class data centre with the highest environmental standards and newest digital cloud technology.

World-leading data centre

The specification for the data centre just outside Oslo was designed by. EVRY has signed a 20-year lease agreement with DigiPlex, which has built the data centre and is responsible for the operation of the basic infrastructure in the centre. The data centre in Fet is the most efficient and energy-saving data centre in Norway thanks to the technology developed by DigiPlex.

EVRY is using the data centre to deliver new cloud-based IT services based on industrialised delivery models, and customers gets scalable services with high reliability and quality.

Environmental emissions halved
External consultants have verified the solutions and security requirements, and environmental performance targets have been met. DigiPlex has deployed an entirely new and innovative air cooling system that will remove waste heat from EVRY’s computers and servers using air from outside. This air cooling system, combined with EVRY’s use of modern and energy-efficient servers, means the data centre is one of the most efficient and sustainable facilities of its type in the world.

The new data centre will use roughly half the amount of energy as ordinary data centres, meaning environmental emissions and costs will be greatly reduced.

Consolidating data centres
At the same time as consolidating its old data centres into the Fet data centre, EVRY is implementing pioneering technology to enable delivery of new superior-quality operating services with high availability.

With its Future Proof operations concept, EVRY is now delivering next-generation cloud technology that is based to a large extent on automated work processes and global delivery models. This gives customers self-service solutions, greater flexibility, and quicker time-to-market for new services.

In addition to the data centre in Fet, EVRY will use its data centre in Gjøvik for supplementary service production and disaster recovery tasks. EVRY also has data centre in Sweden.

Facts about the Fet data centre

  • 4,200 m2 over three floors, and possibilities to extend further
  • Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) factor of 1.1
  • 8.4 MW IT load capacity
  • Hypoxic air fireproofing system, a fire prevention technique w concentration of oxygen.
  • Natural free air-to-air cooling; no cooling tubes or cooling fluid in the data room.
  • No load limits on the racks, as the racks are located directly on the floor.
  • Created with a redundant fibre connection, with a choice of operators.
  • Offers a high degree of flexibility to customers requirements and future services.
  • Secure power supply with N+1 infrastructure and no interruptions during maintenance

 EVRY Data centre
The data centre has the highest security and environmental standard. 

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