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It is a challenge to ensure that your business meets the ever increasing regulatory requirements, requirements for disaster preparedness and requirements for control of the costs associated with growing data volumes.

We can help you solve the challenges you are facing with an increasing amount of data and risk of loss of business critical data. As a customer of EVRY you do not have to worry about investing in equipment and technology, space requirements or safety. We have the necessary experience and expertise that is needed.

Companies that choose to buy data storage as a service often experience better predictability related to cost and performance, while reducing risk. Instead of building and maintaining infrastructure and expertise themselves, many companies see the value of a partnership with a service provider. It frees up capacity for the IT organization to focus on more strategic tasks.

EVRY delivers flexible and dynamic storage solutions that ensures

  • Good scaling of storage capacity (unlimited capacity)
  • Scalable performance
  • High level of safety
  • High level of availability
  • Advanced functionality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • High utilization
  • Energy efficiency

EVRY provides secure storage of critical data for large, medium and small companies. Storage is provided in accordance with industry and regulatory requirements.

When new computer systems are implemented it is essential to design the storage solution with backup. EVRY can be an active partner and provide advice regarding the organization's security policy. We can design solutions based on proven standard solutions.

We provide storage solutions based on redundant, proven and robust components, monitor the production, and provide the necessary updates and patches.

We can also play an active role in proposing and implementing measures to reduce storage volumes and provides cost control. This can e.g. be done by applying deduplication and compression.

As a leading IT supplier EVRY continuously takes part in the technological developments, and we have the expertise to stay ahead when choosing storage solutions and adopting effective tools and technologies.

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