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What is Microsoft Azure Stack?

Microsoft Azure Stack is your local cloud in EVRY's datacenter. Azure Stack is a complete cloud service based on the same technology that powers Microsoft Cloud's public cloud platform, but with both hardware and platform managed and maintained by EVRY in our datacenters in either Norway and Sweden. With Azure Stack at EVRY you have access to the public Microsoft Azure functionality, but it's provided as a private cloud solution, and resolves security or regulatory issues that obstruct many organizations' migration to the cloud.

Azure Stack provides the same benefits as Azure
Azure Stack provides many of the same features that public Azure provides. We can therefore provide the same familiar features under our control with our own services, for example customer service, application management, monitoring services, backup and disaster / restore services and security services in addition.

Since Azure Stack and Azure share much of the same underlying code, you as a customer may continue with existing tools and products on both platforms without having to switch applications. Azure Stack is provided as a pre-configured physical hyperconverged device from Microsoft, where EVRY offers full lifetime management of hypervisor, hardware, platform services and operating system.

Simple user interface
As a customer you are presented with the same end-user experience in Azure Stack as in Azure, and you may customize the configuration or select services from EVRY's marketplace catalog or exploit customized templates and scripts.

You pay for what you use
Azure Stack is provided with the same cost model as for other public cloud providers, i.e.: you pay only for what you use. This gives the users the same financial benefits that the public cloud provides. The platform also provides functionality for self-service, and opportunities to automate scaling of resources, for example based on different times or number of requests.

Faster access
Azure Stack will be accessible from EVRY's datacenters in Norway or Sweden, and will be connected directly to the national networks, which results in fast response times and high speeds.

Security and uptime is handled in the best possible manner, and you can focus on your business. Simplifies digitization We recommend all businesses that are in the midst of digitization and modernization to consider Azure Stack as their future cloud solution. Contact our cloud experts to find out more about how we may assist.

Faster software development

Faster software development

For developers, Azure Stack makes it smoother and faster to develop software.

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Our Azure experts

Our Azure experts

EVRY is one of few companies in the world that have been a part of the "inner circle " in Early Adopter Programs for Azure Stack with Microsoft.

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