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Azure Stack - your local cloud

Azure Stack - your local cloud

Microsoft Azure Stack is a complete cloud service based on the same technology as Microsoft Azure, with hardware and platform managed by EVRY at our datacenters in Norway and Sweden.

Microsoft Azure Stack is a complete cloud service based on the same technology as Azure, and provides a number of the same features. Since the interfaces are the same towards the service, one achieves uniform administration across hybrid solutions.

This allows EVRY to provide the same familiar functionality in combination with own services; such as customer service, application management, monitoring services, backup, restore services and security. Hardware and platform are administered and maintained at EVRY's datacenters in Norway and Sweden.

Now the cloud is local
Now you can employ hybrid cloud based data processing on your terms. With data stored in Norway, it's easy to comply with business-related, technical and statutory requirements. You yourself choose the optimum combination of cloud-based and local distribution models.

More information on Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack is your local cloud in EVRY's datacenter.

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Faster software development

For developers, Azure Stack makes it smoother and faster to develop software.

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Our Azure experts

EVRY is one of few companies in the world that have been a part of the "inner circle " in Early Adopter Programs for Azure Stack with Microsoft.

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Advantages of Microsoft Azure Stack:

Data control

Data control - you have confidence that your data is managed locally and know who manages your data.

Pay as you go

Just like Azure, you only pay for what you use, and the price structure is identical, but reflects that you're running the services locally.


EVRY constantly monitors threats and manages all monitoring, configuration management and security modules for your network.

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We provide Microsoft Azure as a managed service

EVRY can provide Azure and Azure Stack as a managed service, including application operation, infrastructure services and customer service, all in a 24/7 environment subject to the highest security standards with an agreed SLA.



"Moving our development and test environment to the cloud have shortened our release cycle significantly."

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Our cloud experts are ready to help your business with good advice. Our Azure specialists have unique expertise and we are particularly proud of having the two only MVPs on Azure Stack in Norway.  

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