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EVRY has developed Fieldworks, a new and exciting Field Service Management (FSM) product. Fieldworks increases efficiency at every stage from planning a task right through to completing it with the customer, immediately delivering improvements to the bottom line.

EVRY has developed Fieldworks, a new and exciting Field Service Management (FSM) product.

The target market for the solution is companies whose activities include servicing and maintenance. Inspection and monitoring are also included in this, and any mobile workforce that needs to be planned and supervised falls into the target market.

Fieldworks can be used in any industry and can be adapted to suit requirements. It has been developed and made scalable to facilitate planning, executing, reporting and analysis on a local or global scale. The solution can be integrated with companies’ ERP solutions, as well as a number of other relevant internal systems.

Some of the benefits of using Fieldworks are increased customer and employee satisfaction, better management and control, quicker billing and speedier task execution.

“Fieldworks gives us improved quality and control. One of the many benefits is that it now takes 80% less time to bill customers.”
Anders Paulsen, Project Manager at Rolls-Royce.

Fieldworks offers the following modules:

Global Scheduler
Global Scheduler is the planning module and is used by employees to plan the day-to-day activities of Field Service personnel. A smart and very user-friendly interface ensures that the right person is sent to the right location, with optimal resource use.

Mobile Worker
Once tasks are assigned, Field Service personnel can see their tasks using an app that runs on tablet devices (e.g. an iPad). A description of the task and any essential related documentation can also be viewed. Mobile Worker supports the entire task process, including time tracking, service reporting and, if required, documentation with images and videos from the location. The module also allows customer satisfaction to be measured and customer signature collection. Mobile worker is available offline and syncs as soon as an internet connection becomes available.

Back Office
The Back Office module receives everything that is synced from Mobile Worker, such as signed time sheets, service reports, checklists, etc. Inbuilt version management and bi-directional work cycles with Mobile Worker allow ‘Back Office’ staff to make changes when required.

Economy Portal
Economy Portal includes the functionality needed to produce billing data and integrates with ERP. The time employed on assignments is added up and set against contracts to ensure billing data corresponds with the conditions agreed in respect of travel time, mobilisation time, standard hourly rates, overtime, location supplements etc. The module also delivers service reports using company-customised PDF templates.

Monitor KPI
The Monitor KPI module is adapted to customers’ needs and monitors company-defined KPIs and reports. As standard there is an inbuilt project dimension that aggregates time tracking information in real time. Project managers and other stakeholders are therefore able to have control and monitor project progress and deliveries at any time – in accordance with budgets and milestones. The module has a top layer function that can carry out reporting across companies and other structures.