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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Flexible business system that adapts readily to specific business needs.

Modern business systems cover a lot, in fact all of the processes that commonly are used within a company. One problem that is very familiar to users, and which affects the amount the software is used, is that each individual user is met with too much information in the system, and cannot select so that he or she can make work tasks more efficient.

When investing in a business system, the ROI calculation has never been more important, and that is why we think that a business-specific benefit-based focus is the only way to optimise support. Using Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the system's many integration options, to design the IT platform that will help your company to achieve the maximum effect, and to build the correct conditions for continued growth, is an excellent way of achieving just this.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has a strategic approach that links the business system with Microsoft's other products, and delivers a more industry-specific functionality. The system is delivered in more than 40 countries, which means that your company can run multiple countries from a central application, you do not need to have the system locally. It also makes it easier to add new units.

Yet another reason to choose Microsoft Dynamics AX is its scalability. You get a business system that can be adapted in pace with the growth of your company and changes that occur. We currently run installations with everything from 10 to more than 1,000 simultaneous users. All-in-one; in addition to Finance, Commerce, Logistics and Production it also contains HR and CRM functions.

One of the system's pillars is that it is possible to make both simple design changes and more functional changes. Users can easily change forms and create their own menus, directly in the system.

The fact that Microsoft Dynamics AX is built on Microsoft's platform does not just make learning the programme easier, it also gives access to the latest technology in a range of areas, such as analysis, reporting, integration, portal management, document management, security, development tools, office automation, etc. As a Microsoft Dynamics customer, you do not, therefore, just benefit from investment in the individual system, but also in all research and development into the Microsoft platform.

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