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Cost-effective invoicing solutions

To increase efficiency, think beyond the page.
There are plenty of good reasons for businesses to make the switch from paper to electronic invoicing. By automating the whole process, it's possible to speed up incoming payments.

Invoicing becomes far more efficient, with lower costs, greater overall control and fewer rejected invoices. And by cutting down your paper output, you're contributing directly to a sustainable future. EVRY's solutions for processing documents are already hard at work, helping a wide range of businesses to see the benefits.

Total efficiency
Right now, our solutions are used by more than 10,000 document issuers. Every month we distribute over 3 million documents through a range of channels - securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. So you can count on our experience. As well as the cost savings, our solutions offer many opportunities to improve dialogue with your customers and deliver a better service.

What we do

  • Distribution and storage of invoices, documents, attachments and advertising
  • Support for a number of channels, formats and industries
  • Arrange agreements for distribution between senders and receivers
  • Standard or customised solutions
  • Incoming and outgoing file format conversions
  • Document hotel and archive functionality
  • Analysis and reporting functions
  • Ready-made support for ERP and accounting systems
  • Easy integration via file, web services, MQ
  • Distribution to eInvoice B2B/B2C, eMail, DigiPost, print, Nettbank, web portal, Banknettverket
  • Tools for enriching documents with marketing messages

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