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Electronic data interchange

Our EDI service allows you to transfer files efficiently and securely between your IT system and others.

Breaking down the barriers to better business.
Good business relies on the efficient exchange of information between you and your trading partners. But it's not always straightforward. Different companies use their own IT systems, which aren't always compatible, and they may handle information in different ways.

EVRY's EDI service provides the solution. It operates completely independently of underlying technology and lets you transfer files efficiently and securely between your IT system and others. It is the ideal system for managing messages such as invoices, orders, order confirmations and price catalogues.

eC Trade: open for business
Developed by EVRY, eC Trade is Scandinavia's largest document exchange system. It is used to process tens of thousands of business-critical documents every day and allows for efficient transfer between trading partners, nationally and internationally.

eC Trade's is based on existing technology which we customise for you and your trading partner's applications. This means that the system supports all standards, protocols and communication applications.

And, as one of the largest VAN operators in the Scandinavian market, we have communication and traffic agreements with the largest European VAN operators, which guarantees maximum accessibility for you as our client.

What we do

  • Supplier portals within your own industry so you can receive and send messages to suppliers who don't have their own ERP system.
  • Access to a dedicated website so you can monitor all sent and received documents, including their status.

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