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Efficient management of grocery chain orders for small and medium-sized suppliers.

Dagfinn is a service for managing grocery chains’ orders to small and medium-sized suppliers. It is accessible online, requires little IT knowledge, and is easy to use and affordable

Norwegian grocery chain suppliers can use Dagfinn to receive orders, send order confirmations, packing lists and invoices.

Included functions:

  • Easy system delivery of order confirmation to the customer
  • Ability to enter credits and send new invoices
  • Send invoices independent of received orders, i.e. free billing
  • Easy packing list (level 1)
  • Advanced packing list (level 3) can be linked to a label printer for pallet labelling
  • Packing list level 4 will be available in autumn 2011.

Dagfinn is very well suited for suppliers who need a reasonable and simple order processing solution. It is easily accessible, with a quick learning curve. Most grocery chains in Norway are linked to the service, and it is adapted to the industry’s own standard (dedip2).

All you need to use the service are:

  • A PC with Internet access
  • Internet Explorer
  • A label printer for use with packing list level 3
  • An EVRY contract.

The service is supported by an 800 number from 8 am – 4 pm. The user manual and help function are accessible online.

Suppliers wishing to use the service should contact our sales department.

Contact us to learn more