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Efficient exchange of information, inside and out.

It's a curious fact. ERP, procurement, logistics and invoice processing systems have all helped to streamline companies’ internal processes. But exchanging information externally with customers, suppliers and government agencies to a great extent still takes place on paper. At EVRY, we believe good business is built on close partnerships. With this in mind, we've developed a series of solutions which allow your company to exchange information with business partners efficiently, securely and cost-effectively.

Benefits built in
By automating this kind of exchange you'll be able to manage critical information more efficiently. You'll benefit from shorter processing times and faster decision-making. And throughout, you'll build in greater transparency and improved traceability, leading to fewer errors. What's more, EVRY solutions offer the possibility of further automating company processes.

Electronic invoice

Invoicing becomes far more efficient, with lower costs, greater overall control and fewer rejected invoices.

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Invoice solutions (Eye share)

PeMore and more companies are choosing to digitalise all their paper documents, including incoming invoices, of course.

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Dagfinn is a service for managing grocery chains’ orders to small and medium-sized suppliers.

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The service covers three crucial elements

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Catalog validation

Handling large amounts of product information and many different electronic product catalogues with business partners has become a challenge for many companies.

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Electronic data interchange

Good business relies on the efficient exchange of information between you and your trading partners. But it's not always straightforward.

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