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Survey: Norwegian municipalities still relying on paper

As much as 2 out of 3 Norwegian municipal services continue to be based on manual procedures and paperwork, according to a survey conducted by EVRY in 2015. 

As much as 2 out of 3 Norwegian municipal services continue to be based on manual procedures and paperwork, according to the survey "Digitization in Municipal Norway" conducted by EVRY in 2015. 

The survey, which was conducted by NyAnalyse on behalf ov EVRY, indicates significant differences in the maturity of digitization within municipal service areas. Education, planning and health have come the furthest. Within planning and building, almost 10 percent of municipalities respond that all services have been digitized and paper free, and a further 32 percent state that «most services are digital and paper free». 

At the other end of the scale come business and nursing homes. Only 0.9 percent of municipalities respond that all services within the nursing home area are digitally available, whereas 11.5 percent state that most services are digital and paper free. As much as 49.6 percent state that all services require paper based processes, and a further 38.1 percent report that most services demand paper based processes, but that some have been digitized.

Digitization makes services better
Although responses vary to a large degree between municipalities and between service areas, municipalities agree on one thing: Digitization results in better services for the citizens.

As many as 95 percent of the 113 municipalities that took part in the survey agree that digitization and use of IT has contributed to improved quality in municipal services. 38.9 percent reply “to a moderate degree”, 42.5 percent say “to a high degree”, and 13.3 percent say “to a very high degree”.

High priority
According to the survey, digitization ranks high on municipalities’ list of priorities. Of the 113 municipalities surveyed, 54 percent state that OT and digitization has a high (43 percent) or very high (11 percent) priority. The high priority is also confirmed by 68 percent who state that digitization of services is mentioned in the municipal plan.

About the survey
The survey was carried out by the agency NyAnalyse on behalf of EVRY in 2015. 113 Norwegian municipalities took part. All regions and sizes of municipalities are represented. The selection is statistically sufficient for transferring the results to the whole population (428 municipalities). Responses were retrieved from IT managers (58%), councilors (30%), and other positions (19%). 

SVP Local Government and Health, Kirsti Kierulf

VP Corporate Communications, Jørn Bremtun

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here (Norwegian language) 

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