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The Cloud that Powers It All

The cloud that powers it all

The PetroPortal is a cloud-based platform giving access to graphic intensive applications and High Performance Computing power for seismic interpretation, reservoir modelling and simulation as well as for real-time collaboration and data management. 



The PetroPortal™ offers to run your applications in our High End environment, or you can pick the applications you want from our broad selection of hosted products.

Regardless of which options you choose - you will get maximum performance and a perfect collaboration platform delivered to a very appealing cost. Take it for a spin and be convinced!




Your data

Your data is well taken care of within the Green Mountain Data Centre just outside Stavanger. Among the benefits with this location is our immediate access to data from the national databank for all Oil & Gas data (DISKOS). This enables performance and efficiency that will save time and money.

Your data will be close to client, which is a must for good performance. Furthermore, data is easily shared between multiple users. The advantages of data in the cloud, not on separate clients, is fully utilised through our PetroPortal™.

Our solution is of course available from any device, at any location at any time... You also want this for other than your graphic intense applications? No problem, we have now opened the PetroPortal™ for all types of applications and services needed in the oil & gas industry.

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portalProducts: Easy access. Powerful products.

The PetroPortal™ delivers both the hardware and the software you need in the Oil & Gas industry – so what`s new? We deliver it all as a service. No investments and no internal operations cost. Just a reliable, secure and cost effective Cloud Service delivering high performance to a device near you. 

The products
EVRY offers to run a wide range of your applications. Among these, some of the finest solutions made for the Oil & Gas industry:

  • Petrel™ and Eclipse™ by Schlumberger
  • Ihis Kingdom™ by IHS
  • DUG insight™ by Down Under Geo Solutions
  • Software solutions and products from our partner Envision
  • Software and solutions from NORSAR
  • Teambox™ solutions and products from our partner Epsis
  • Xpert BI solution by BI Builders

...and various Open Source solutions for well, reservoir and seismic.

We also offer complete IT Solutions for the companies that want to outsource parts of, or the whole IT platform, e.g. IaaS, PaaS or CaaS. This means we can manage and run everything involving IT without you having a need for an own in-house IT department.

Our power

The PetroPortal have taken on a demanding challenge: High end 3D graphics and (Really) Big Data delivered as a Cloud Service. We like to say that when a normal cloud deliver a gentle breeze, the PetroPortal is a Thundercloud.

For the people interested in the hardware behind the PetroPortal™, we can tell that we use High End Intel servers, Nvidia grid cards and Citrix XenServer for virtualization. In addition to 3D graphics, the PetroPortal™ contains HPC (High Performance Computing) resources for simulation models created in the 3D graphical applications. These consist of state of the art Intel processors and load balancing software for batch execution.

With the PetroPortal™ you don`t have to compromise. You get the power to run the most demanding 3D modelling and simulations, and at the same time enjoy the benefits of collaboration on a flexible and scalable platform. The PetroPortal™ gives you a stable and predictable operation both in terms cost and performance. You will always be in line with your business needs in these shifting markets.



portalSecurity:Waterproof customer separation.

Security in Green Mountain is one the major advantages, besides collocation at one site. Therefore O&G and Bank & Finance sector prefer this secure location, giving the industry access to secure networks for cloud based services.

EVRY is well suited to handle massive data attacks towards O&G industry. All (stored/handled) data represent big values for our clients. EVRY avoids threats towards "data theft" as one of the big threats for O&G industry through proactive 24/7/365 secure operation.


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Petoro selects Petroportal

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portalPartners: The power of joined forces.

The PetroPortal™ is run and powered by EVRY and is a platform to combine EVRY`s services with 3. rd party solution and services. EVRY is one of the largest IT companies in Scandinavia. With over 9.000 dedicated and highly skilled employees, we deliver value to our customers every day. This is the solid platform to build on and that makes us to an important hub for the Oil&Gas industry on Norwegian and British Continental Shelf.

Many of our customers are within the Oil & Gas industry. The PetroPortal™ is our strategic initiative to create value. We deliver a cost effective and high performance platform connecting stakeholders in the Oil&Gas value chain. With the PetroPortal our customers can run business critical solutions in a cost efficient, secure and location independent environment.

Reach new markets. Serve existing markets more cost efficient. Bring your data to life as a customer or your software to life as a partner - you are welcome to join us.

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Our customers tell us that they need a fullscale, flexible, cost-effective, user friendly and hassle-free solution to manage increasing demands for efficiency.

Head of Oil & Gas, EVRY

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Reprint of article in Computerworld #7 - 2017 


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Reprint of article in Computerworld #7 - 2017 


Petoro selects Petroportal

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