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Helping the insurance industry through digitalisation

Developing the next generation insurance solutions

The insurance industry is facing the need to manage change in response to demands from the market, official authorities, and investors. Its customers, both private individuals and businesses, want customised and packaged products that meet their changing needs for insurance and related services at all times.

In addition, insurance products are increasingly purchased through channels other than the traditional customer-consultation route: the internet, underwriters, insurance brokers, and car dealerships, among others. As well as investors’ expectations for growth and lower costs, the authorities in Norway and Europe are increasing regulatory requirements. Developing IT strategies and investment in IT will play a crucial role in meeting this range of challenges. 

The insurance industry is one of EVRY’s focus areas. In order to be able to provide solutions suitable for the insurance industry’s special requirements, EVRY has combined its insurance expertise and delivery environment into a separate industry vertical.

This enables us to support the insurance industry as it develops the next generation of insurance solutions and products. In addition we help to facilitate interaction and integration between business processes, to interact with customers using the channels they choose, and to analyse and predict customer behaviour and requirements, as well as to meet changing regulatory reporting requirements.

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