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Fraud prevention

How to manage fraud with modern technology managed by experts. Take a new approach in keeping ahead of the fraudsters.

The world we live in continues to shrink by virtue of the technological innovations that make it so easy to do so much. Digitalisation allows the financial sector to interact with customers more often and in new and different ways. With deep industry knowledge and 20 years of experience, EVRY continuously invest in skills, capabilities and technology to stay ahead of the fraudsters.

As the financial sector face a wide range of challenges that makes managing fraud even more difficult and comprehensive, EVRY introduces a holistic 360 approach to keep ahead of the criminals. By adopting new technologies, we offer solutions whose aim is not only to prevent, but also to predict fraud. As a result, fraudulent behaviour can be detected and stopped even earlier, and economic risk, loss, and potential loss of reputation is marginalized. 

Our solutions

Our 360 solutions is offered as a fully or partially outsourced round-the-clock service, for banking and other industries.

  • Card transaction monitoring

EVRY can deliver card transaction monitoring either a round-the-clock or partially outsourced service. Our team of experts and analysts ensure that your bank receives maximum protection against fraudulent card transactions. Monitoring can be offered in real time, near real time and as outbound fraud prevention dialog directly with cardholders.

  • Cyber fraud analytics

EVRY introduces multi-channel monitoring and behavioural profiling to the fraud prevention arena. Utilizing a holistic approach to both internal and external fraud, one can detect and stop fraudulent behaviour even earlier, thereby marginalizing economic risk and loss, and potential loss of reputation. 

  • Fraud prevention and - detection services has been delivered by EVRY since 1997
  • More than seventy different financial institutions are being supported in 9 countries
  • Yearly, we process 2 Billion card transactions in our systems
  • Basis Point levels is 1-1,5 in average, whilst average level in the Nordic market is approx. 2
  • A false positive ratio of 1/2 reduces costs significantly

“Fraudsters who used to run small scale setups in the physical world, have moved on in recent years to fraud ventures that look and work more like global businesses. Cyber Fraud Analytics introduces the value of prediction in addition to the well-established prevention. This will give you a new and holistic approach to fraud management, together with our services for enhanced protection against internal threats”, says Charlotte Norwich, COO Fraud Prevention, EVRY Cards.