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Loans including all aspects of loan origination are the most complex process in a bank, since it involves multiple steps and roles. Information shall be collected, evaluated, recommended, sanctioned and priced before a binding offer is forwarded. Documents shall be produced and the required documents and collateral satisfactorily established before the loans are disbursed. Each step in the process can result in alternative process flows.

EVRY’s Loans process services enables efficient processes with a high degree
of automation and self-service from loan application to the disbursement.
Controls and authorizations ensure highest standards of quality and traceability.

Loans consist of several services that support different parts of the Bank's work

  • The origination process, with separate process flows of personal and commercial market.
  • Score and Policy Control that provides a recommendation for rejection or approval
  • Thorough analysis is performed either mandatory or optional (configurable)
  • Collateral Controls with an overview of existing and new collateral
  • Price is calculated from the specific price calculation methods
  • Decision and Control Authority gives the bank the flexibility to set up different authority roles
  • Document production which supports the Bank's requirements for electronic document management
  • Disbursement with control procedures for establishing and payment