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Loans and finance

Lending is characterized by complex value chains including loan origination, document management, loan servicing and risk management. 

The value chain cosists of processes such as data capturing, credit evaluation, sanctioning, collaterals, payments and risk monitoring. To stay competitive the banks need to manage compliance requirements and increasing demands for high efficiency and self services.

In order to support the efficient and automated handling of loans and credits, EVRY offers a portfolio of business services covering the entire loan life cycle from loan origination and production to meeting the particular needs of commercial and corporate markets.

Standard solutions for Trade Finance and bank guarantees are included in this domain.

Loan servicing

Loan servicing includes the processes during the entire tenor of the loan after a loan is disbursed.

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Trade finance

Trade Finance is a complete browser based solution with an intuitive work process which produces all necessary correspondence messages for the trade finance area.

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Corporate lending

The Corporate lending solution is modular and configurable in order to suit any organizational structure. 

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EVRY’s Loans process services enables efficient processes with a high degree of automation and self-service from loan application to the disbursement. Controls and authorizations ensure highest standards of quality and traceability.

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