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Sales Management

Knowledge of the customer is crucial for success in a competitive industry. Sales Management includes services which provide employees with a good overview of the bank's customers, prospects and leads. Good service and relevant customer communications contributes to increased sales.

Sales Management is a concept for managing a bank's interaction with customers and prospects. EVRY offers a CRM solution designed for banks based on the framework for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, tailored for the financial industry's needs. The solution allows for automated business processes, effective customer interaction and internal sharing of useful customer information. By adopting dynamic CRM, the bank will be more customer-oriented, which will result in offering financial services that are relevant to the individual customer.

By combining CRM with intelligent rule engine it will allow the bank to customer relevant campaigns and cross selling.

Sales Management services includes:

  • Dynamic CRM functionality
  • Integration with specialized systems, i.e. seamless jump to and from the Sales and Customer Service