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Enterprise Content Management

ECM is composed of a set of services that together ensure that relevant documents are handled safely from production to archive.

The ECM services are seamlessly integrated with Financial Service's business solutions within areas such as lending and Sales and Customer Services, in addition to electronic signing and filing solutions. ECM includes automated processes, reducing manual processes to an absolute minimum.

For example, documents to be signed by the bank's customers or other external parties, could be produced by the ECM service Document Services in Sales and Customer Service or in Loan Origination.

The documents can be distributed according to roles set up in the Content Distributionservice  to the “post box” in the Internet bank, for signing with BankID and automatic archiving in the Total Archive service. If non-customers are supposed to sign documents, for example in connection with a loan case, these can be made available in an external signing portal. After signing with for example BankID, the documents will be stored automatically in the Archive solutions. It is also possible to archive relevant e-mails in the archive solutions.