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ATM Services

The ATM services make it possible for cardholders to access services in various self-service devices; from non-cash services, deposits devices, recycling and of course cash withdrawals in traditional ATMs. The services are supported by system components, tools and infrastructure.

The ATM services are compliant related to mandatory international requirements set by the card industry. The services are delivered with multi-lingual interfaces and support multi currency cardholder services.

The ATM services are delivered to the market as a payment transfer service.
Some markets and customers require additional domestic or bank related functionality and cardholder services. These requirements are implemented in the setup phase often using an on-us integration.

The service components includes

  • MultiVendor terminal software
  • Online software distribution
  • Communications network
  • ATM switch and central infrastructure
  • Asset management
  • Settlement and charge back
  • Reconciliation
  • Cash administration and CIT
  • Technical maintenance onsite
  • Support (24/7 and 2nd line helpdesk)
  • Value chain monitoring
  • Fraud prevention services 
  • IMAC (install, move, add , change)
  • Topup services
  • Sales and promotion

Flexible service delivery model
The ATM services support the Customers strategy for the ATM network and the ATM as a self-service channel.

The ATM service have a flexible delivery model according to the Customers requirements, and includes all necessary software components and operations services, communication network and technical services, cash services, dispute handling and fraud monitoring.

Governance model
A well proven governance model is implemented with monthly meeting, quarterly and yearly tactical meetings between EVRY and the customer. The meeting places cover the delivery status, discussing issues regarding quality, new services and the future ATM strategy.

The services are delivered according to agreed service availability through SLAs for each service or measured at each ATM site in percentage cardholder experienced availability

A true multi-vendor ATM service
The ATM services are delivered to the market as a true multi vendor service; well proven, stable and delivered.

The multi-vendor software is independent of hardware vendors. The software is based on the CEN/XFS standard, and runs on self-service devices delivered from the major hardware vendors in the market. The software supports traditional ATMs, recycling devices and deposit devices

The bank stays in control of the branding of the ATM network. It is possible for banks to share a common ATM network by multi-brand the ATMs or even to white-label the ATM network. (ATM pooling)

Fraud prevention
EVRY's ATM services include both an early warning fraud monitoring and a more sophisticated fraud monitoring and analysis service. The service also includes support of anti-skimming devices.

The service includes value chain monitoring and incident handling. Technical maintenance, both 1st and 2nd line in addition to IMACs, can be delivered for all markets using local language.

Cash administration
An important part of the ATM services is the cash administration service, including cash optimization, prognosis, and reconciliation.

Settlement and dispute handling
The ATM services include a full settlement and charge back system and services. The processing is based on the banks card scheme licenses – or using a partner license.
The service supports all major international card schemes in addition to domestic card brands and on us defined cards as required.

ATM services fulfill mandatory compliance requirements set by the card industry, EU and relevant domestic legislations. To stay compliant is included in the standard service delivery.

EVRY is in a continuously process of supporting the bank’s strategy of reducing cash related costs, or even outsourced setup for banks to be able to outsource the entire cash area. Examples of services implemented are:

  • Services related to contactless and prepaid cards
  • Withdrawal using disposable cards
  • Cash recycling
  • A cost sharing strategy related to basic service components and compliance
  • ATM services delivered as payments service to obtain VAT effect
  • ATM services supporting ATM pooling, included multibranding
  • Cash centre

EVRY is also in progress of launching cross over services between self-service terminals and teller solution.We believe there is significant cost effects by combining services for these two channels.