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Customer centric

EVRY provides services which enable banks to deliver unique and complete customer services. We ensure that these services are supported by cross-channel processes with a customer centric context across different business verticals and product systems.

We deliver services allowing banks to offer customer initiated sales and services with adherence to customer care and insight. Whether customers choose to meet the bank in person, or via online channels, customers expect a good experience with intuitive, relevant and prompt services.

Our offering includes the following service areas:

  • Advising and sales
  • Daily banking    
  • Self-service channels
  • ATM services

My Cards mobile app

My Cards is designed to simplify card information for card holders, helping them to easily access and manage their cards in a mobile app.

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ATM Services

The ATM services make it possible for cardholders to access services in various self-service devices; from non-cash services, deposits devices, recycling and of course cash withdrawals in traditional ATMs.

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Self-service channels

Each channel has characteristics functionally and technically that imposes special requirements on design and infrastructure to create solutions that are safe and provide optimal user experience.

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Daily banking

Customer care, service and insight are essential utilities for the bank customer and the financial service’s officers.

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Advising and sales

An average bank customer is highly present online, and software and online-based tools for advising and sales are becoming business critical in order to connect customers with bank services.

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