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The cards we use every day range from personal bank cards, credit cards, public transportation cards, physical access cards to various loyalty cards. Limited wallet-space challenges the market to deliver high-quality cards which yield good value and supports integration of several services. 

EVRY delivers cards and a full range of services to Bank and Finance markets as well as markets for Retail, Loyalty, Transportation and Enterprise.

The Card domain includes the following service areas:

  • Card Issuing - is a proven quality-service delivered under rigorous SLA agreements, combining EVRY services with best breed of third-party services.

  • Acquiring  - with everything from merchant settlement to terminal certification, EVRY can deliver the market's most complete range of services.

  • Switching - nonstop processing is a must for all acquirers and issuers.

  • Fraud prevention  - monitors billions of financial card transactions across the world to detect and prevent fraud.

  • Card production – we supply personalized cards and deliver card bodies and chip technologies to all market sectors from selected factories all over the world.

  • Payment terminal management - and certifications for those who wish to accept cards in their business.

  • Internet Payment - EVRY works closely with a large number of Payment Service Providers in order to offer flexible e-commerce solutions.

Cards as a service

EVRY is pioneering the Card-as-a-Service concept - the complete product sourcing and lifecycle management of all types of cards. 

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Card security

Card Security provides services for card issuing process, including card security, Card- and PIN management, and 3D Secure issuing.

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EVRY provides services that cover the entire value chain within card issuing. The services are modular and allow card issuers to choose which service elements they want.

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The Acquiring service provides processing functions for Card Network members and processes on behalf of multiple members.

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Card production

EVRY delivers 25 million cards to 100 issuers in 12 countries. The service have the capacity to handle high volumes at short notice and includes a strong "disaster recovery" backup solution for our customers.

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Basic functionality of Authorisation Acquiring is to process and forward the authorization and purchase transactions to the correct recipient of a network consisting of many different actors.

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