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My Cards mobile app

Our mobile app, My cards, is designed to simplify card information for card holders, helping them to easily access and manage their cards. The app is designed in collaboration with card holders, to provide a great user experience when a card holder is checking the card balance or retrieving the PIN code. 


Todays banking services are facing disruption by fintechs and digital banking providers. New digital financial services, such as user friendly mobile apps, may tempt customers to switch to these providers. However, would the customers switch if they were really satisfied with their bank’s services? Studies show that self-service customer channels that simplify digital banking for customers and provide great user experiences, are primary drivers of customer satisfaction.

EVRY believes the key to design apps with great user experiences, is to really understand customer needs and behaviours, through insight, knowledge and technical expertise.

We wanted to simplify digital banking for card holders and examined their mobile banking behaviour in collaboration with a bank. We gained insight by extracting data from the bank’s mobile banking platform and conducted customer interviews. Our insight showed that most logins to mobile banking was done to check balance and recent transactions.

In collaboration with end-users, we developed My Cards; a native app that makes card information more accessible and manageable for card holders, simplifying their payment experience. The app provides immediate insights about balance and transactions, safeguarding card holders against fraudulent activity. Card holders get an enhanced digital do-it-yourself card service that is easy to use and provides a great customer experience.

My Cards Mobile app for IOS and Android provides the following functions to card holders:

  • Card Information such as balance and recent transactions. Balance can also be shown in widgets, as well as on the phone’s home screen (3D touch for IOS)
  • Retrieve sensitive card details, such as full card number and a dynamic security code (CVV) for internet purchases.
  • Retrieve card PIN
  • Card blocking services, such as regional blocking, e-commerce blocking, and temporary blocking (warm card blocking)
  • Instant notifications
  • Card Activation
  • Card activity limits, set in EVRY Card Client
  • 3D Secure Fast Checkout

My Cards supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA); a two-factor authentication method that reduces the risk of fraud to protect both the card holder and the bank against unauthorised use of the My Cards app. SCA requires device, PIN or Fingerprint authentication and is compliant with requirements of the card schemes.

My Cards is a platform for further growth and will open new opportunities for additional value-increasing functionalities for your card holders, such as instant issuing and mobile payment services. This may advance digitalisation of your services provided to your card holders. Hence, preventing customers to switch to fintechs and other banks.