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Card issuing

EVRY provides services that cover the entire value chain within card issuing. The services are modular and allow card issuers to choose which service elements they want. The solution has well-defined interface that allows easy integration with other customer systems.

Card Issuing is a service that covers the international card types Visa and Mastercard, domestic card types and private enclosed card types.

The standard service includes the following card products: Debit card, credit card, prepaid card, contactless card, combined card, e.g. Visa dual application/ Mastercard combo cards.

The service supports all the steps in the value chain:

  • Card ordering
  • Card production
  • Card usage
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Dispute handling
  • Card support
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Card self-service client
  • Card Administration
  • Card security

EVRY acts as a processor on behalf of certified card issuers. The issuers need to gain membership in a card scheme, direct or through a sponsor, to issue cards.

EVRY's card issuing services is in compliance with applicable standards: EMV, PCI DSS, Visa, Mastercard and national requirements in relevant markets.

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