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Card production

EVRY delivers card services to more than 100 issuers in twelve countries. The service have the capacity to handle high volumes at short notice and includes a strong "disaster recovery" backup solution for our customers.

EVRY is supplying raw cards of all varieties. Chip embedding is done internally at EVRY. This makes the process smooth and fast, and in the event of design changes, gives cost savings for the bank. EVRY currently deliver solutions for all chip platforms within the banking and finance sector, including Native, Java, Static, Global Platform and Proton Prisma.

Card Online is a web-based tool provided to our customers in order for them to follow the production process and monitor their stock of chip, raw cards and stationeries.

EVRY is a complete personalization center for EMV applications. We have expertise in customization and setup of EMV applications. Our EMV generation solution supports Native and Global Platform solutions based on DDA (Dynamic Data Authentication). Today we generate data for EMV and Norwegian BAX Applications and support the personalization of CAP/DPA application for OTP.