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EVRY provides processing functions for card network members and processes on behalf of multiple members. Electronic funds transfer application messages standards are used to communicate directly with the card networks and the acquirer banks.

EVRY is a member cervice processor that provides services to a member financial institution and as an agent of such.

The service handles:

Merchant processing. 
A merchant is a retailer or any person, firm or corporation that, pursuant to a merchant agreement, agrees to accept cards branded by the card network when properly presented.

The service maintains the merchant relationship and acquires data relating to transactions from the individual merchants or card acceptors. It generates merchant settlement according to the merchant agreement charging the agreed merchant service charge.

Transactional Processing. The service sends the financial transactions to the card network for settlement. The settlement information received from the card network updates the system and is used to monitor the receivable position settlement amounts related to the clearing amounts and the interchange fees calculated by the actual card network.